New Shield to Absorb Electromagnetic Rays

December 10, 2009:
A Mumbai-based company has launched a device that absorbs electromagnetic radiation effectively.... » more
WILCOM on Starting Up on ET Now

October 21, 2009:
Starting Up comes to you from IIT Bombay, the place where Wilcom, founded by Girish Kumar was incubated. Sudhir Syal met up with the Wilcom team for this story... » more
Technology’s New Entrepreneurs

Tucked away deep inside IIT Bombay’s soothing green campus is the SINE (Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship), more endearingly called the ‘crèche’. Right now, a lot many eager ideas and hopes are being nurtured here, some of which provide a sense of urgency to the place. » more
Radiating Slow Death

August 03, 2009:
IMAGINE a life without WiFi Internet, microwaved food, laptops and mobile phones. Now, imagine living with an invisible, dense fog that damages your brain, heart, lungs, eyes, thyroid gland and nervous system, besides risking your pregnancy and sending you into depression. » more
Mute the phones

April 04, 2009:Prof. Girish Kumar,Electrical Engineering department ,IITB
Finally a way to silence all mobile in a area - The perfect way to deal with people who don't listen when asked to put their phone on silent.Inspired by college authorities tired of telling student to switch off their cell phone in the premises. » more
Radiation shield

April 04, 2009:Prof. Girish Kumar,Electrical Engineering department ,IITB
Do you live close to(within 50 metres)a mobile tower or a FM tower ? or are you always working on a computer exposed to radiation all day long ? Just place the radiation shield near desk,microwave ,TV or laptop to protect yourself. » more
સેલફોન ટાવરના કિરણોત્સર્ગ સામે રક્ષણ આપતું ઉપકરણ તૈયાર

SEPTEMBER 11, 2008:Prof. Girish Kumar,Electrical Engineering department ,IITB
સે સકો ન ટાવર્સ ના કિરણો ત્સર્ગ ના આરો » more
Box-sized solution to a towering problem

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008:Prof. Girish Kumar,Electrical Engineering department ,IITB
IIT professor invents device called Radiation Shield, for those living close to cellphone towers, which reduces radiation levels in a room by at least 50 per cent » more
मोबाईल टावरच्या भीतीला द्या सोडचिठ्ठी

Prof. Girish Kumar,Electrical Engineering department ,IITB
कोणत्याही संकटापासून संरक्षण करणारे मंतरलेले ताईत ... » more
आयआयटीचे प्राध्यापक आता निर्मिती क्षेत्रात

November 03, 2006:Prof. Girish Kumar,Electrical Engineering department ,IITB
इंडियन इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ टेक्नोलोजी मधील (आयआयटी) प्राध्यापक आता .. » more
IIT prof turns entrepreneur with his telecom products.

NOV 2, 2006:Prof. Girish Kumar,Electrical Engineering department ,IITB
Has your mobile phone ever conked off while you were in the lift or a basement car park ? Now there is a solution deviced by startup incubated at the Indian Intitute of Technology » more